Chip Jasmin

Programs: Concerts - Dance - Residences


Concerts / Dance / Residencies

Chip provides a wide variety of creative experiences for communities and schools:

  • Evening adult and evening family concerts

  • Community folk dance for adults, seniors, families complete with live music and a caller

  • Community and School residencies consisting of educational sessions based on several themes that can be tailored to pre-school, elementary, middle and high schools, families or adults

Residence Themes

Natural Rhythms
Exploring the natural world that surrounds us
Join Hands Around the World
Share the human diversity of the seven continents through story, song and movement
Happy Feet
Enjoy the excitement and energy of dances from the US and other countries
A Song for Montana
Songs and stories of the land and people that have helped shape Montana
An American Folksong Journey
A regional, fun-filled journey across the US through song, story, history, geography, flolklore and historical, life-sized figures
Create Your Own Theme
Are you studing a specific topic? Would you enjoy integrating the preforming arts into your planning and activities? I can assist you in designing and implementing a residency with your students